Users of The Keep agree to this document by using the services provided.

1. As no AUP can cover every possible scenario that may come up,

individuals will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Transgressions out of step with the spirit of our rules - but not specifically referred to in the AUP - are subject to the discretion of the staff. Abuse of this discretion may be reported to the Ombudsmen. Any effort to defeat or sidestep the rules, as well as any effort to falsify a report in an attempt to manipulate them against another user, constitutes a violation of this document.

2. Users of the Keep are to keep profanity to a minimum, or between characters and not players.

Casual swearing is acceptable in this chat room. Harsher language is also acceptable to a point where it is not excessive, at the staff's discretion. Flooding the chat with swearing for the sake of it is a breach of this rule.
Room and character names may not contain swears, curses, slurs, or sexually explicit words or phrases.

These standards also apply to all links posted within the chat.

3. Profiles may not contain or contain links to pornography, obscenity, extreme graphic violence and gore,

or otherwise explicit materials that would constitute a violation of any of the other clauses of this document. Obscenity here constitutes crude, lewd or tasteless images meant to shock or disgust.

Full or visually implicit exposure (as with a wet t-shirt or sheer fabric) of any sexually intimate part of a humanoid body, whether photographed, illustrated, or though another means such as ASCII art, is considered inappropriate for this site. Any photograph or image depicting gore or brutal death in a fashion that robs the deceased of its dignity is considered inappropriate for this site. Illustrations and works of art depicting any of the above are subject to moderator discretion. No image of any medium that depicts sexual acts, graphic or implied, is allowed.

4. Real Life - Respect each other's privacy Out Of Character (OOC). Users are prohibited from engaging in behavior that could jeopardize the safety of, violate the privacy of, cause harm, or threaten other users in real life. It is also forbidden for a user to spread personal, private information about (either true, or libellous), or make Real Life (RL) threats against another user. Repeatedly seeking personal, private information about another user that they don't want known will be considered harassment and treated as such.

Advocating real-life hate campaigns is strictly prohibited.
Punishment for these transgressions will be given according to the severity of the perceived threat, the number of offenses the aggressor(s) has made before, and whether or not the affected party wishes to make a complaint.

5. Cyber sex or 'cybering' is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN in all public rooms.

Reposting or dropping whispers containing sexually explicit content in a public room will be considered cybering in a non-private room. It is assumed that players who engage in adult-themed exchanges are of consenting age in their country, province or state. Deliberate sexual contact with any person considered underage, or where sexual interactions are prohibited in any pertinent jurisdiction, is strictly prohibited in all rooms, both public and private. Transgressions may be reported to the appropriate authorities.

6. Public room tags will not contain any information of an inappropriate or solicitous nature.

This includes, but is in no way limited to, tags that state or imply the user is soliciting for sex, sexual roleplay, or other sexual content. It is at the discretion of the staff as to what may be considered soliciting.

Any room visible on the userlist is still subject to the rules of the AUP, and is not afforded the rights of a private room. Please use the /private command to make a private room. Unsuitably named rooms will be removed at the staff's discretion.

7. Attempted port scans, probes, uses of known network security tools,

or otherwise seeking of security flaws in The Keep or any of the infrastructure supporting it without express permission from the System Operator will make that user subject to permanent banning at the discretion of the System Operator. ISP and Federal officials may also be notified.
Likewise user/s who attempt what may be construed as a Denial of Service attack on the network, or any attempt to disrupt the service through any security flaw or otherwise will be subject to permanent banning. ISP and Federal officials may also be notified.

Threats of hacking or other threats to the security and/or daily operation of The Keep, whether in-chat, on forums, or in messengers, will be dealt with as stated above.

8. Users shall not harass other users.

Harassment in this chatroom constitutes any unwanted or bothersome attention, particularly when the harassed has asked the harasser to leave him or her alone. If harassing behavior persists to the point where the /ignore function is no longer helpful, the harasser is in violation of this rule and may be dealt with by the staff.

Out of Character harassment - and especially sexual harassment - is not tolerated and will be punished accordingly.

9. Any user who uses The Keep for the purposes of spamming will be subject to kicking,

or any other punishment deemed appropriate by the administrative staff.

Spam being defined as the repetitious posting of relatively nonsensical or meaningless letters, numbers, text or URLS. URL spam can consist of advertising other roleplay sites not on the Nexxushost network, or repeatedly dropping links, especially if you roomhop to do it. Please also refrain from randomly capitalizing letters in your posts, using font colours (like white text on a white background or bright green) that are difficult to read.

10. Default IC rooms are not meant for OOC discussions.

OOC for the purpose of clarification regarding an ongoing roleplay (such as asking about or responding to an inquiry about an IC action currently in the room) is acceptable, when done sparingly. For any more extensive discussions Out Of Character, please use the whisper function.

The Default IC rooms are as follows: